Sovereign Book- first impressions and thoughts. BEWARE SPOILERS

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Sovereign Book- first impressions and thoughts. BEWARE SPOILERS

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General impressions on the novel are I loved it- lots of action, plot development- all the various factions working towards their own goals and also character development from Kyran and his party.
Some twists I didn’t expect and sorry to finish the book as I have to wait until next March for the next one !
Did like the reprise of the plot/previous books at the start of the book.

New(ish) characters in this book.

    • The female vampire mage who created the portal to Crota. Kyran introduced himself and she didn’t ! A bit impolite?
      Tanithil the deposed elven king / The demon Jul-Tan
      Yddreinth’s daughter was mentioned but no name given- is that the dragon lich mentioned in one of the previous books ?
Some thoughts on the next book or books..
Imagine there will be bonding of creatures by Kyran and then battles with the two or three champions? One of these groups will be weakened/destroyed by Jul-Tan?

The Balturra tribe. Yetil did not allow the tribe to leave with their Armor, so maybe if a smith essence worker was created in Deepholm , that smith could use the darksteel and mithril ore to create that for the tribe. Also suspect the tribe’s weapons are poor? Since the tribe now plans to live on the border of the forest on the slopes of the mountain range, axe’s would be useful.. so new weapons with an axe on one side and a hammer on the other side of the head, would be ideal?

Hopefully meet with the dwarves and create followers out of Haven the thane’s son and Dhovan the enchanter? Return the enchanter’s guild books to Dhovan.

Kyran will have to travel to Auriel’s demesne trying to find the person the lockbox is for. At the same time Adra could meet her family group and Aiken the brown great bears?

Where and when does Mirien catch up with her family and get those exiles to return to Eldervale. And when does the meeting with the brotherhood leader happen- this ‘off screen’ character hasn’t appeared in any scene for ages- what has he and the brotherhood being up to?

You would imagine in trying to create a new kingdom a conference of representatives of the various groups- elves/dwarves/orge/undead to work out common plans would be a good idea..

Would the Matriarch of the Jade Bears be able to point Kyran to any Adamantine or Gold or Mithril deposits in the labyrinth?

Anyway- well done Rohan :D


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