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Sovereign now up on Amazon to pre-order !

Posted: Wed Jul 08, 2020 4:44 pm
by michaelbyrne
Great- novel Sovereign now up on Amazon for pre-order !

30th September release date...


Blurb about it on Amazon states :-

The continuation of the epic LitRPG fantasy saga...

The Game grows complex and more factions reveal their interest in the free agent. Surprised at nearly every turn by unexpected encounters, allies, and foes, Kyran struggles to hold to his carefully laid plans.

How will Kyran navigate the murky waters of the Game? Who can he trust?

Join Kyran and his party in their adventures as he tries to hold true to himself, find his purpose, and advance his growth as a player.

Enter the world of Myelad and discover where Kyran's journey takes him!