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The city of Crota's settlement stone ?

Posted: Thu Jul 02, 2020 12:07 pm
by michaelbyrne
Using Kyran’s interaction with the settlement stone and guardian in Durn Duruhl, it seems to me he might be able to do the same in the city of Crota ?

This assumes Zarr allows him access to Crota’s settlement stone (if it still exists ?). Kyran could then delegate control of it back to Zarr.
Zarr knows the city best and which of the damaged/destroyed and repairable defensive essence structures are in the ruined city.
Since Kyran’s well has the hidden veil attribute, this means that Zarr can then rebuild the city with essence masons etc and no one will know it.

If Zarr gets time to rebuild Crota’s defenses, it should take another alliance of the Gods (unlikely?) to attain control of the well?
The other point is if Zarr allows Kyran to claim the well, making him the only being with two well’s, an attack on Crota would be unlikely to succeed …. ?

So many possibilities !