Deepholm Treasure

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Deepholm Treasure

Post by michaelbyrne »

Deepholm Treasure?

After a few months time the miner in Deepholm will be able to mine mithril, and then once a smith is created then weapons and armor etc can be created.

So this is a priceless resource but it it wasted if the created goods or even the mithril mined ore cannot be moved to Durn Duruhl or anywhere else?

I assume the world portals only connect to other world portals, or am I wrong?

So the choices as I see it are :-
1) Sending transport teams through the labyrinth to collect the treasure. This will eventually destroy the secrecy of Deepholm’s location.
2) The elven lady Lera was transported from the elder forest to crota. Implies that the portal in Deepholm can do the same?
3) The ley lines transport essence power from Deepholm to Durn Duruhl for example. Can goods be transported the same way?
4) Maybe there is a master teleport ring spell Kyran or Zarr can use to transport goods and keep the location of Deepholm secret?


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Re: Deepholm Treasure

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Hi Michael,

Thanks for the question. I will try to answer without introducing any spoilers :)

You are correct, World portals only connect to other World portals (including Godshome). There are however other type of portals in the Game that are not as powerful and allow travel over shorter distances. Lera used one such portal.

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