Labyrinth and Deepholm guards ?

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Labyrinth and Deepholm guards ?

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See that Kyran is building a mine and main guardroom and also a barracks in Deepholm.

My questions is, who are the guards going to be?

If the guards are living beings then you are going to need water, food, sanitation and various other structures. So don’t really expect the guards to be living being per se.

My guess is one of the following :-
1. That if the keeper can create miners, mason and craft’s men, later when Deepholm is more developed it can create essence guards ?
2. Or Kyran can get the enchanter’s guild (once it’s up and running) to create golems to protect the place.
3. Or sharing the location with King Zarr (?) , kyran could ask for a vampire lord and some squads of the undead to be it’s guardians


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Re: Labyrinth and Deepholm guards ?

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Thanks for the question again!

We'll find out the answer in latter books! 8-)

But as to the undead... they are confined to Crota itself and cannot venture far beyond its boundaries.

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